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Splines and Shafts Gears

Main Features

1. Our gear rack is produced as per DIN 

    standards by CNC machine 

2. Pressure angle: 20°/14.5°

3. Module: M0.4-M36/DP1-DP25

4. Maximum length can be 3500mm

5. Material can be Q235, C45, SS304, 


6. OEM:provided

7. Teeth Hardened: Hardness 55-65 HRC

8. Certification:GB/T19001-

    2016/ISO9001:2015. IATF16949:2016

9. Processing:Forging, hobbing, precision 

    machining, heat treatment, surface 


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Spline shafts are divided into rectangular spline shafts and involute spline shafts. Rectangular spline shafts in spline shafts are widely used, while involute spline shafts are used for larger loads and require high centering accuracy and larger links. Rectangular spline shafts are usually used in aircraft, automobiles, tractors, machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery and general mechanical transmission and other devices. Because the rectangular spline shaft works with multiple teeth, it has high load-bearing capacity, good neutrality and good guiding performance, and its shallow tooth root can reduce the stress concentration. In addition, the strength of the shaft and hub of the spline shaft is weakened, and the processing is more convenient, and higher precision can be obtained by grinding. Involute spline shafts are used for links with larger loads, high centering accuracy requirements, and larger dimensions. Its characteristics: the tooth profile is involute, and there is radial force on the teeth when loaded, which can play a self-centering function, so that each tooth is uniformly stressed, has high strength and long life, the processing technology is the same as that of the gear, and it is easy to obtain higher precision and interchangeability.

Our Brand



Shafts and spline Gears

Gear Material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy   steel, Copper(40Cr 40CrMo 20CrMnTi 20CrNiMo    45#steel )



Gear Size

As drawings


Forging, hobbing, precision machining, heat treatment, surface treatment



Machining Equipment

Vertical and horizontal CNC lathe,   Machining center, CNC taping center, CNC hobbing machine, CNC cylindrical   grinder, Welding machines, Hydraulic broaching machine, etc.

Heat Treatment

Normalizing, quenching and tempering,   Carburizing and quenching ,salt bath quenching, Vacuum quenching, Subzero   treatment, Liquid nitriding/Gas

Surface Treatment

Zinc plated, Non-chromate dacromet   treatment,chromium plated,black oxide treatment, phosphorization, anodic   oxidation, nickel plated


Marine, automotive,off highway machine,   Agriculture machinery, gearbox,CNC machine, food machinery, etc.


Carton box or as your requests

Splines and Shafts Gears(图1)          Splines and Shafts Gears(图2)          Splines and Shafts Gears(图3)

Splines and Shafts Gears(图4)          Splines and Shafts Gears(图5)          Splines and Shafts Gears(图6)

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