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Gear Quenching and Normalizing Process
Mar 31, 2023

There are many gears used in mechanical equipment, because mechanical equipment needs to work well, so precision gears are required. At present, there are many types of precision gears, and the gears have made great progress. The production and processing of precision gears requires the process of quenching, so why do gears need quenching?


Gear Quenching and Normalizing Process(图1)

Generally, when gears are quenched, the workpiece is placed in an inductor. When an inductor is fed with an AC frequency, an alternating magnetic field is generated around it. The electromagnetic induction of the alternating magnetic field produces closed induced currents and eddy currents in the workpiece. The distribution of the induced current on the cross-section of the workpiece is very uneven. The current density on the surface of the workpiece is high and gradually decreases inwards. This phenomenon is called the skin effect. The electrical energy of the high-density current on the surface of the workpiece is converted into heat energy, so that the surface temperature of the workpiece is raised, that is, surface heating is realized. The higher the current frequency, the greater the current density difference between the surface layer and the inner layer, and the thinner the heating layer. When the temperature of the heating layer exceeds the critical point temperature of the steel, surface hardening can be achieved by rapid cooling of the heating layer. Don't underestimate the gear quenching process, if the process is not handled properly, it will affect the use effect.


The above is an introduction to the reasons why gears should be quenched. If the precision gear manufacturer does not quench the gears, the production speed of precision gears will definitely be faster, but the quality of the gears cannot be guaranteed.


Gear Quenching and Normalizing Process(图2)


Nowadays, mechanical equipment is more and more widely used, and the production efficiency of mechanical equipment is getting higher and higher, which liberates the labor force to a large extent. When using equipment, we find that the parts of equipment also play an important role. Gears are also an important accessory. Precision gear processing has stricter technical requirements and higher manufacturing process requirements. Gear normalizing is an indispensable processing technology.


The precision gear normalizing process is mainly to obtain the hardness suitable for gear cutting, prepare for the subsequent heat treatment, and reduce the occurrence of heat treatment deformation of the gear. Usually the normalizing process will be affected by personnel, equipment and environmental factors, it is difficult to control the cooling rate and cooling uniformity of the workpiece, resulting in large and uneven hardness dispersion, which will directly affect the metal cutting and heat treatment effect, and make the quality of the produced parts not easy to control. Therefore, the isothermal normalizing process is adopted. Isothermal normalizing can change the deficiencies of general normalizing and make the product quality stable and reliable. From ordinary normalizing to isothermal normalizing, the processing quality of the workpiece has been guaranteed higher, and the performance of the equipment has also been improved.


The above is an introduction to the normalizing process of precision gears. There are many processes for precision gear processing. If you want to ensure the accuracy of gears, you must be sure of each process.

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