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Knowledge of rack and pinion
Mar 09, 2023

The classification of racks can be classified according to tooth shape, gear shape, tooth line shape, manufacturing process and other methods.


1. Gears are divided into cylindrical gears, spur gearsand helical gears according to their shape;


2. According to the shape of the tooth line, the gears are divided into spur gears, helical gears and herringbone gears;


3. According to the process, it can be divided into quenching, quenching and tempering, grinding, milling and grinding, and can be blackened according to requirements.

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Accuracy modulus of rack


The current accuracy level refers to the German standard, 1-13 level accuracy. We generally use 6-level racks in our applications. Modulus standard rack specifications, where grade 8 is soft teeth and grade 9 is milled teeth.

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The material is C45 carbon steel, which is widely used in automatic robots, gantry processing centers, laser cutting machines, aluminum profiles, woodworking processing centers, and the seventh axis of trusses. Such racks generally require high precision, accurate positioning, and stable operation.

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1. The noise becomes louder

Possible causes include damage to the gear drive, incorrect installation of the rack and pinion, or failure of the lubrication.

The corrective measures include checking the gear transmission, checking with reference to the installation steps, and checking the lubrication system.


2. Increased working temperature

Possible causes include improper design, overheating of the gear drive or excessive ambient temperature.

The corrective measures include checking the design parameters, checking the transmission device, adding heat dissipation equipment and adding sufficient cooling if necessary.


3. Lubricating oil leakage

Possible reasons include excessive lubricant quantity and leakage.

Corrective measures include removing excess lubricant, correcting lubrication frequency and dosage, or checking the gear drive and lubrication system.


4. Friction cracks appear in gears

Possible reasons include poor lubrication, poor environment, wrong lubricating oil, and magnetic influence.

The corrective measures include correcting the lubrication frequency and dosage. It is recommended to use an automatic lubrication system. The environment should be kept clean and dry. Do not allow the rack to be affected by the external environment, use improper lubricating oil, and confirm that the gear and rack are not magnetic.


5. Broken gear

Possible reasons are overload, equipment collision, pitting corrosion on the tooth surface, poor lubrication, poor parallelism or perpendicularity.

The corrective measures include checking the design parameters, ensuring that there are no foreign objects within the operating range of the equipment, the emergency stop device is normal, operating the equipment according to regulations, ensuring good lubrication within the operating range, and reconfirming the accuracy of the rack installation position.

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