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The advantages of planetary reducer
Feb 27, 2023

(1) Low cost. 

If the servo planetary reducer is not used, the motor will directly bear all the burdens. In this case, the service life of the motor will be greatly shortened, and the motor will inevitably fail and be damaged within a month. Using a precision servo planetary reducer. At the same time, if the load capacity is really strong enough to damage the machine, then the damage must be the reducer instead of the motor, and the maintenance cost of the reducer is much lower than that of the motor;


(2) High efficiency. 

Torque can be distributed to orbital spur gears, so multiple tooth meshes can be distributed. This means that extremely compact designs and high efficiencies can be achieved. Multiple gear ratios can also be achieved by a single series arrangement in the same internal spur gear. For example, when the transmission ratio is 10:1, the torque increases by a factor of 10 and the speed decreases by the same factor;


The advantages of planetary reducer(图1)

(3) High load capacity. 

Using different output bearings, deep groove ball bearings, pre-tightened tapered roller bearings, pre-tightened angular contact roller bearings, etc., thereby improving its load-carrying capacity and impact resistance;


(4) The drive is stable and the noise is low. 

The planetary gear frame is composed of precision gears, the gear meshing precision is high, the operation process is stable, the vibration of the reducer is minimized when the reducer is working, and the noise generated is low.

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