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What you must know about bevel gears
Jan 06, 2023

There are many kinds of gears, because of their different uses, different characteristics, and different scopes of application. Bevel gears are also called bevel gears. It is used for transmission between intersecting shafts and is also one of the components of mechanical transmission. The transmission ratio is larger than other gears, and the transmission efficiency is higher than other gears. So how does the bevel gear work?


1. The working principle of straight bevel gears According to the design of bevel gears, it is divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. The design, manufacture and installation of straight bevel gears are relatively simple. But the downside is that it is a bit louder. It can be used on low speed machines. During operation, its transmission runs stably and is widely used.

2. The working principle of the spiral bevel gear is different from the straight bevel bevel gear, and its design difficulty will be higher. But its advantage is that the whole transmission runs smoothly. Compared with straight bevel gears, the noise is much lower and the bearing capacity is larger, so it can be used in some high-speed and heavy-duty occasions. The transmission power is greater than that of the straight bevel gear.

3. Installation of bevel gears During the installation of bevel gears, the centerlines of the two shafts should be adjusted to the same plane for easy installation. Then adjust the gear clearance. Then adjust the amount of shaft runout. Then check with a special feeler gauge. Slight deviations can be tolerated. If the deviation is too large, the bevel gear installation will fail. Check whether there is any abnormal sound when the gear turns.


Choosing the right gear can achieve twice the result with half the effort in mechanical operation. As a common transmission mechanical part, there are many kinds of gears, among which bevel gears need to be carefully checked after installation.

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Bevel gears are very common in our life. It is generally used between two intersecting shafts. It can quickly provide power for the equipment, so that the equipment can reach a better operating state. Then the advantages of bevel gears in use what is it then? What fields is it used in?


1. First introduce the classification of bevel gears

Bevel gears are a type of gears. There are many different classifications of gears, with different names in different regions, so people must understand the classification of products in order to understand the parts, and spiral bevel gears are one of these types. In some places, they are called curved bevel gears, and in other places they are also called conical bevel gears.

2. Advantages of bevel gears

During use, the bevel gear has high transmission efficiency, and the transmission performance is very stable. These parts are overlapped together, and the overlap coefficient is very large, which makes its load-carrying capacity very high, so it is relatively stable during transmission. Bevel gears can also save raw materials during production and processing, and have the advantages of wear resistance, long service life, and low noise during use.

3. Bevel gears are widely used in various machine tools

Bevel gears are widely used in various machine tools, such as mines, ships, aerospace and other equipment, and the application range is very wide.

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