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Basic introduction of herringbone gear
Jul 20, 2022

Introduction: Herringbone gears combine the advantages of helical gears (high load capacity) and spur gears (no axial force).


1. Herringbone gear

2. Double helical gear

Herringbone gear


In order to combine the advantages of helical gears (higher load capacity and lower noise emissions) with the advantages of spur gears (no axial forces and lower wear), so-called herringbone gears are used in special cases.


Basic introduction of herringbone gear(图1)

Due to the mutual arrangement of the spirals, opposite axial forces are created on each side, which cancel each other out. This prevents axial thrust that must be absorbed by the bearing.


Basic introduction of herringbone gear(图2)

Due to the relatively long tooth length (due to the inclination), herringbone gears can transmit high torques. However, the complex and therefore expensive production of this gear type is limited to special applications. (e.g. for large transfers). Furthermore, due to structural constraints, subsequent fine machining of the gear teeth (eg by grinding) is almost impossible.


Herringbone gears allow high torque to be transmitted without generating axial forces. Bearing wear is correspondingly low. The production of such gears is very complex and therefore expensive!


Due to the complex manufacturing process, the following double helical gears are often used instead of herringbone gears in practice.

Double helical gear


The same effect as a herringbone gear is achieved in principle by a mirror-image arrangement of two helical gears, whose respective tooth flanks also taper in the shape of an arrow. Such gears are then called double helical gears.

Basic introduction of herringbone gear(图3)

The corresponding helical halves are produced on a common shaft, so there must be a groove in the middle for the manufacturing tool to exit. It is cheaper to produce double helical gears than to produce herringbone gears.


Double helical gears are produced by mirroring two helical gears with a groove in the middle of the herringbone!

Basic introduction of herringbone gear(图4)

In fact, it is nearly impossible to assemble two separate helical gears to obtain a "double helical gear" due to the very precise mounting required with the mating gears.

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