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Stability of rack and pinion in transmission
Jun 15, 2022

The rack and pinion is quite stable in the process of transmission, so it is a relatively stable one among similar technologies, and it also has its own characteristics.


First, the characteristics of gear transmission


Gear transmission is the most widely used transmission form. Compared with other transmissions, it has the advantages of large power transmission, wide speed range, high efficiency, reliable operation, long service life, compact structure and constant transmission ratio. The installation accuracy is high and the cost is high, and it is not suitable for transmission with too large center distance between the two axes.


Two, gear transmission classification


1. According to the mutual position of the axis: plane gear transmission and space gear transmission.

Face gear transmission: according to the direction of the gear teeth: spur gear transmission, helical gear transmission and herringbone gear transmission;

According to the meshing mode: external meshing, internal meshing and rack and pinion transmission;

Space gear drive: bevel gear drive, staggered shaft helical gear drive and worm gear drive.

2. According to whether the gear is closed: open and closed gear transmission.


Stability of rack and pinion in transmission(图1)

There are several main categories and descriptions of grinding rack and pinion:

1. Rack and pinion spur gears, cylindrical gears whose tooth lines are parallel and straight on the axis, are very common gears, and there are also types that are integrated with the shaft.

2. Grinding Rack Helical Gear Rack parameters, the tooth line is a helical cylindrical gear, a kind of two pieces that can be helically mounted on the outer circumference of the cylinder, or can be a helical gear.

3. Grinding rack and herringbone gear, a part composed of two left and right helical gears, the teeth of the gear are like a mountain when viewed from the front.

4. Grinding the rack and pinion, engraving the transmission parts with teeth of the same spacing and the same shape on the side of the flat plate or straight rod, we can regard the rack as a spur gear with an infinite radius. Intermeshing with the rack is generally a common pinion.

5. Grinding rack internal gears, gears with teeth processed on the inner side of cylinders and cones. The object he meshes must be an external gear.

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