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Analysis of Precision Gear Processing Technology
Apr 19, 2022

There are many kinds of precision gear processing technology. Let's analyze the processing technology of precision gears from the two aspects of precision gear positioning standard and gear blank processing!


Positioning standard: The choice of positioning standard for precision gear machining usually depends on the structural shape of the gear. The shaft gear is mainly used for positioning the upper part. If the opening is larger, the cone will be blocked. The highest position accuracy is high and can be aligned with the standard. The following two positioning methods and clamping methods are generally used for machining tooth surfaces.

Analysis of Precision Gear Processing Technology(图1)

1. Position the inner hole and end face


The inner bore and end face of the workpiece are aligned and positioned to determine the center of the gear and the position of the shaft. The method superimposes positioning standard, design basis, assembly standard and measurement standard, has high positioning accuracy and is suitable for mass production. However, manufacturing precision fixtures is in high demand.


2. Position of outer circle and end face


Due to the large matching gap between different workpieces and clamping cores, the outer circle was corrected with a micrometer to determine the study center as well as the position and end face position. Clamp from the other side. This method has a lower level of efficiency because it is calibrated on a per-analyst worker-by-analyst basis. The inner part of the base material is required, and the outer circle has a relatively high coaxiality, but it can not require the high precision of the fixture, so it is mainly suitable for single-piece or small batch production.


Machining of gear blanks: Rough machining before gear machining plays an important role in the entire gear machining process. This is because at this stage the surface of the gear teeth and the base of the inspection have to be processed. Although the production efficiency is improved and the gear quality is improved, the machining of the gear blank should still be paid attention to.


In the technical requirements of gears, it is necessary to pay attention to the dimensional accuracy of the ring gear. Since the tooth thickness is measured based on the tooth crown, it is inevitable that the tooth thickness accuracy is too low and the measured tooth thickness value is incorrect.


To this end, please pay attention to the following three points: 

(1) When the diameter of the chip circle is used as the measurement standard, the dimensional accuracy of the chip circle must be strictly controlled; 

(2) The positioning and the end face are perpendicular to a positioning hole or outer circle; 

(3) Improve the inner diameter of the gear The machining accuracy of the hole reduces the matching clearance with the fixture mandrel.

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