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What is the difference between ground rack and fine milled rack
Mar 07, 2022

The rack and pinion material is C45 carbon steel, which is widely used in automated robots, gantry machining centers, laser cutting machines, aluminum profiles, woodworking machining centers, truss seventh axis and other fields. Such racks generally require high precision, accurate positioning and stable operation.

The racks are mainly divided into fine milling racks and grinding racks, among which the racks with grades 6 and 6S are ground racks, and the racks with grades 8 and 9 are precision milling. So what is the difference between a ground rack and a fine milled rack?

1. First of all, the tooth surface treatment methods used by the grinding rack and the fine milling rack are different. The former adopts the grinding tooth surface treatment method, and the latter adopts the fine milling tooth surface treatment method.

2. The grinding rack is a grinding rack with high strength, high wear resistance, small surface roughness, small pitch error, stable high-speed motion, no abnormal vibration, high precision, and the precision can reach grade 5 or above. The basic principle of grinding is to add abrasive between the abrasive tool and the workpiece, or between the workpiece and the workpiece under a certain pressure, and the abrasive in the abrasive can micro-cut the workpiece.

3. 6 and 6S racks need grinding, others do not need grinding, fine milling.


What is the difference between ground rack and fine milled rack(图1)

4. Grinding rack and pinion transmission is an efficient transmission method. It is usually used for applications with large axial force, applications with strokes greater than 2 meters, and high-end rack drives such as high-precision linear motion.

5. Of course, the fine milling rack is also a very good product. A number of precision machining processes ensure that the tooth surface deformation is small and the consistency is high. As for which product to choose, it depends on the actual application needs of customers, because these products are all non-standard customization and can meet the special requirements of different customers (such as tooth surface material tempering, induction hardening, laser hardening, etc.).

6. The tooth surface of the grinding rack is ground with high precision, and the overall pitch error is small. Finishing the rack can be understood as the last step in grinding the rack.

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