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General steps for gear design
Sep 17, 2021

General steps for gear design(图1)

1、According to the load, as well as the movement state (speed, vertical movement or horizontal movement) to calculate the drive power.

2、The preliminary estimate of gear modulus (if necessary, the follow-up gear strength check, if in the strength check, found that the modulus is too small, we must

      re-determine the  gear modulus, the selection of gear modulus, generally with experience, or reference to analogy, later safety check.

3、Preliminary structural design, determine the total transmission, and determine the transmission series (several levels of transmission).

4、According to the total transmission ratio distribution, calculate the transmission ratio at all levels.

General steps for gear design(图2)

5、According to the system needs to carry out detailed transmission structure design (the detailed design of each shaft system), such design is generally carried out in

      the final assembly drawing.

6In the structural design, if it is found that the early parameters are unreasonable (including too large gears, mutual interference, manufacturing and installation  

      difficulties, etc.), it is  necessary to return to the above procedures in time to start again.

General steps for gear design(图3)

7Draw the key shaft sketch (generally heavy load shaft, of course, it's good to do all the shafting), draw the bending moment diagram of each shaft end, torque 

      diagram, so as to find out the dangerous section, and check the strength of the shaft.

8Low speed shaft gear strength check.

9After safety no problem, split part drawing. 

       The influence of the following factors will be taken into account when calculating and drawing the temperature characteristic curve of the gear box axle displacement

under full load:

Thermal expansion of gear box base;

Thermal expansion of gear case shell;

Thermal expansion of gear box shaft;

The elastic deformation of the gear box frame during operation;

The elastic deformation of gear box housing during operation;

The change of shaft position caused by bearing clearance, gear meshing force and oil film during operation;

Flange face runout, radial runout;

Prime mover, working machinery.

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