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Common cutting method
Apr 29, 2021

Processing Method

Knives Tools

Machine Tools

Processing accuracy and adaptive range

Copying method

Forming Milling

Disc Cutter

Cutting Machine


Finger Cutter

Hobbing and Cutting Machine

 Processing large slotless herringbone gear

Broaching Gear

Gear Broacher

Shaving Machine

High precision, mass production, especially for internal gear processing

Generating Gear

Hobbing Gear

Gear Hobber

Hobbing machine

Class 6-10, suitable for spur gear, helical gear, worm gear

Shaping Gear

Gear shaping tools

Gear shaping tools

Class 7-9, suitable for cylindrical, double, triple, rack and bevel gears with internal and external engagement

Shaving Maching

Gear shaving tools

Shaving Machine

Grade 6-7, suitable for hobbing after gear shafting, before quenching finishing

Honing Gear

Gear Honing

Honing and Shaving Machine

Grade 6-7, suitable for shaving or high-frequency quenching after finishing

Grinding Gear

Grinding Wheel

Grinding Machine

Grade 3-6, suitable for gear after quenching finishing

No chip processing: precision die forging, powder metallurgy .It is characterized by improving the utilization rate of raw materials. The limitation is that it is only suitable for the gear with low precision requirements, and the mold cost is very high.

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