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Gear industry and product classification
Apr 28, 2021

Gear as a power transmission mechanism parts, used in automobile, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining, ship, wind power and other industries. According to the application or industry, they can be roughly divided into vehicle gears (including household and commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery and motorcycles, etc.), industrial gears, and other gears (such as internal gears of cameras and fax machines, etc.).Among them, the market share of vehicle gear accounted for about 60%, industrial gear about 30%, other gear 10%.

Vehicle gears, covering automobiles (home and commercial), motorcycles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, military vehicles, etc. Vehicles gear products are used in many product structures, by followed:





Vehicle gears










Gear for motor vehicles (domestic and   commercial vehicles)


Gears and Shafts

Synchronizer, sliding sleeve, etc

Power Takeoff

Application to dump trucks, fire   trucks, mixing trucks


 Initiative and passive bevel   gear sets

Double reduction cylindrical gear set,   and wheel edge reduction planetary gear set, etc

Differential unit

Planetary gears and half shaft gears

Worm planetary gear

Transfer Gear

For use on 4WD vehicles, distribute power to each drive   axle

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